5 easy ways to organize and keep your house in order

If you’ve had a messy room growing up and a messy dorm room while in college, there are good chances your house is a constant mess now that you’re all grown up. Tidy habits are formed early on, and their absence can often make our future living spaces quite inhospitable.

Keeping your house in order isn’t too hard, even if you’re single – you just have to recognize what’s causing you to make a mess most often. Here are 5 easy ways to organize yourself.

  1. Away from sight, away from heart: Aim to ‘house’ as many objects as you can in appropriate compartments. Clothes in closets, dishes and utensils in kitchen cupboards, accessories in regular cupboards… While still bad, a mess inside a piece of furniture is much better than a mess all over the house, and is also more manageable.
  2. When you finish using something, put it away: This should probably be the #1 tip. The majority of house messes probably come from us being too lazy to ‘put things back’, leaving them to lie on the floor or furniture instead. Adding to the first point, try and think of everything in your home as having its own storage place, and make a habit of returning it there.
  3. Make use of the basement: If you have a house, it’s more than likely that you have a sizeable basement as well. These things serve more purpose than just spooking you out – they’re a great way to reduce the overall mess in your home. After sanitizing the basement and making sure there’s no mold or pests, make a simple mental note: anything you don’t use for more than 3 weeks(aside from clothes) is probably better off in the basement. A few months of adhering to this principle will make your house a pillar of order.
  4. Clean regularly: The mistake too many home owners make is cleaning only when the going gets tough. A great way to stop your home from getting messy is cleaning it in regular intervals. It can be once a week, twice a month, once a month – all depending on how bad things get. For truly effective cleaning, you’ll need to create a model of what your home should look like when in perfect order, and then strive to achieve it every time you clean. You can also keep a cleaning diary if you’re having trouble getting yourself to hit every room.
  5. Every day is guests day: This simple mental practice might do more than anything else on this list. Simply imagine you’re having some esteemed guests over every single day. We all let our homes go out of order in the absence of visitors, even if we live with someone else. To combat this, you’ll have to treat every day as if your friends and family were coming over soon. This will help you keep things in tip-top shape year-round, and when guests actually do come, you won’t have to feel uncomfortable and apologize for the mess in every room.
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