5 great places to vacation on a budget

Seeing the same old houses, buildings and shops day in and day out can get quite tiresome. Everyone needs some type of vacation here and there to break the routine, and most of us prefer to spend it on places that attack our senses with new shapes, colors, smells and sounds.

Managing your costs is probably the hardest part of having a nice vacation that involves a trip. Plenty of places are known as tourist traps and sustain themselves from ripping visitors off. With a bit of savvy and a little knowledge, though, you can have a great vacation in a far-away place with minimal expenses. Here are 5 great vacation spots to visit if you’re on a budget.

  1. Thailand: Thailand’s tourism seems to have exploded in recent times, and with good reason: the place is equal parts culture-rich and affordable. Scratch that – the prices in Thailand could be called dirt-cheap, especially if you’re visiting from the U.S. For a relatively small amount of money, you’ll get introduced to a new and exciting culture, taste a bunch of great food, see some amazing architecture and have quite a few stories to tell when you get back home.
  2. China: Another far-away destination for Westerners, China isn’t quite as cheap to visit as Thailand but is still very affordable from the moment you leave the plane. Don’t get stuck on Beijing, either – thanks to its budding economy and tremendous size, China is chock-full of amazing provinces, cities and villages to visit, each giving you a unique experience on a budget.
  3. Eastern Europe: Anyone who’s watched the movie Hostel might have qualms about visiting Eastern Europe, but it’s actually full of amazing and tourist-friendly places. From Hungary and Czechoslovakia to any of the countries in the Balkans, you’ll be treated to some stunning centuries-old architecture and history-rich sights, as well as the locals’ unique way of life that many find charming. Those unwilling to travel all the way to Asia should definitely consider picking an Eastern European country for an affordable vacation.
  4. The Caribbean: Visits to the Caribbean can sometimes be mistaken with trips to Hawaii as the privilege of the wealthy. In truth, the opposite is often the case – for a manageable amount of money, you can get a memorable Caribbean cruise and enjoy some pristine beaches and exotic nature. Those wanting to do some serious swimming or diving during their vacation but find Thailand’s coasts too far out might find a Caribbean cruise with lodging to be the perfect option.
  5. Dublin, Ireland: While all of Ireland is undoubtedly nice, Dublin is where the party’s The people there are known for their festive spirit and friendliness, so you’ll have an easy time fitting in and making new friends(it helps that everyone speaks English, too). Dublin is becoming increasingly popular as a tourist destination with each passing year, and it’s hard not to see why. A trip to Dublin won’t drill a hole in your pocket and won’t put you at risk of getting lost in translation, but will still give you everything you’d want from a vacation in a foreign country with a famously unique culture.
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