3 practical ways to get exercise every day

People with a hectic schedule often feel puzzled when trying to fit some exercise in there. Working in a sedentary capacity and then coming home tired afterwards is hardly a good environment for those looking to get that beach body.

Still, there are ways to exercise without making sacrifices in other areas of your life. With the right exercises and tools, you’ll be able to get a workout in almost any place and at any time. I asked my doc, Dan Foss at Pura Vida Chiropractic, a chiropractor in San Antonio for some recommendations. His website is http://www.puravidasanantonio.com – Here are 3 practical ways to achieve this.

  1. Grip strengtheners/hand strengtheners: These things might not look like they’ll do much for your physique, but they’re surprisingly effective. Everyone could do with more hand/arm strength, and there are very few more practical ways of getting it than with the help of these devices. Grip strengtheners are inexpensive, compact and easy to store and use in your office or car, at your desk, couch or even in the bathroom. If you’re persistent, they’ll build up your hand strength impressively while also giving you nicely-toned forearms. Some of the more expensive models also have adjustable resistance, which lets you advance in your mini-workouts as time progresses.
  2. Foam roller: Like grip strengtheners, foam rollers don’t look like much. Also like grip strengtheners, you can expect them to surprise you with their ability to provide a workout. These rollers aren’t nearly as compact as the ‘grippers’ mentioned above, though – they usually don’t come in sizes smaller than 40×6 inches or some variation of it. Furthermore, they also require you to lie down on the floor, which can be impractical, but they’re still manageable in most day-to-day environments. So, what can they do for you? The most basic foam roller workout consists of lying on your back with your legs bent and the roller strategically placed beneath your spine. You then proceed to roll up and down, stretching your back in a counter-kyphotic posture. If your job involves a lot of sitting down, these will do wonders to correct your spine. As your muscles start to stretch and develop, you can look for sideways and belly-down exercises that will provide a better workout and give you a nice muscle tone to boot.
  3. Squats: Out of all the bodyweight exercises, the squat has to be the most economical one. Unlike the push-up or the sit-up which require you to stretch yourself out on a surface, the squat can be performed virtually anywhere, even inside a cubicle. For all its simplicity, the plain squat is amazingly effective: it tones your entire lower body and makes it better-equipped for walking, running or climbing up stairs, and also gives you a nice cardiovascular workout. That’s right – you can increase your stamina from the inside of your cubicle! As you progress, you can start setting a time limit on each set to see how many squats you can complete in 1/2/5 minutes, and then aim to break your personal record. For the truly advanced practitioner, one-legged variations are also an option, although you might not want to do these next to any breakable equipment.
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